Roland V-Drums Kit Bundle TD-07KX

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Authentic V-Drums performance

For more than twenty years, Roland V-Drums have earned a reputation as the industry’s favourite digital drum kits, sounding and playing better than anything else. Imitated but never matched, V-Drums offer you an incredibly lifelike recreation of a traditional acoustic kit in an electronic format, along with technology and features not found anywhere else. Now, the TD-07KX continues this legacy, adding larger snare and tom pads and a second crash cymbal over the entry level TD-07 series kits, expanding your sonic palette and playing options.

Sound as real as it gets

At the heart of any great electronic drum set is a powerful, fast processing sound module and the TD-07 is the perfect match for the upgraded hardware of your TD-07KX kit. Take your pick from a library of acoustic drums, electronic drums and percussion types, all captured in precise detail in top recording studios and brought to life with advanced V-Drums technologies to react just like acoustic instruments when you play them.

As quiet or as loud as you like

Acoustic drum kits are unavoidably loud and even lesser electronic kits can be impractical due to the contact noise of sticks on pads. But thanks to Roland’s decades of R&D, the TD-07KX is designed to be much quieter. Hit our mesh heads as hard as you like and enjoy authentic stick rebound with minimal pad noise. Trust in the kick pad’s special damping to cut noise and vibration while retaining a satisfying, natural feel. Even the stand is designed and constructed to reduce vibration and noise transfer to the floor and there’s a range of optional products available if further noise banishing is needed.

Start drumming in seconds or go deeper

Setting up in seconds and packed with ready to play pre-set kits, the TD-07 is always ready for an impromptu session. But when you’re ready to explore, a vast drum library awaits within the module. Test drive snares and toms, max out kick drums or set the size of your crashes and rides. Then go further by tuning the drums, adding damping and changing how the kit sounds when played in a variety of physical spaces. For the final touch, tweak the module’s individual EQs to shape the drums to your musical situation, just like a pro sound engineer would.

Acoustic tone that feels alive

Strike the pads of some digital kits and you’ll hear a series of static drum tones with none of the dynamic response that makes playing an acoustic drum so satisfying. The TD-07KX’s pads and cymbals are a different class, working with the module to provide a rich and reactive array of tonal colours that truly reflect your drumming. With their larger playing surfaces, the TD-07KX’s drum and cymbal pads have advanced precision sensors, capturing every hit, stroke, roll, flam, cymbal choke and ghost note, then relaying them with latency free accuracy. Even better, this technology never gets in the way of the music so just sit back, start playing and let the magic happen.

Stream and jam with your favourite songs using Bluetooth

You’re never alone with the TD-07KX, thanks to Bluetooth technology. For instant jams with your favourite music and bands, simply choose a song on your phone, tablet or computer, then wirelessly stream audio through the sound module and get drumming. For playing along with online songs and lessons, you can transmit video sound too. If your device doesn’t have Bluetooth, just connect it with a stereo audio cable. MIDI over Bluetooth is also supported for cable free recording of MIDI data in music apps.

Roland’s industry standard mesh head pads

Roland changed electronic drums forever with the launch of the world’s first mesh drumheads in 1997, and we’ve been sharpening our technology ever since. Our unique double layer mesh design offers natural stick resistance and rebound that evokes your favourite acoustic kit, along with the ability to adjust the head’s tension using a standard drum key. You’ll only get that hugely satisfying playing feel and sensing speed with a Roland mesh head. Once you’ve experienced it, you won’t want to play anything else.

A stand and hardware that works as hard as you do

When you’re playing a full throttle beat, it’s essential to have a drum stand that remains stable and pads that hold their position. Using only the strongest materials and best quality components, the TD-07KX provides rock solid hardware that’s as dependable as your enthusiasm to play. The custom drum stand gives a firm and steady foundation you can rely on, backed by precision clamps that lock every component in position for the whole set. Play the TD-07KX as hard as the music demands and trust in a kit that will serve you for years to come.

Spice up your drum Sessions with 40 free lessons from melodics

Melodics is a desktop app that invites you to drum along with step by step lessons and tracks, master new beats, sharpen up your rhythm and timing, record your performance and identify areas for improvement with the playback feature. The 40 free lessons are yours for life with no limit on how many times you revisit them. When you’re ready to progress, just subscribe for unlimited tutorials. With the TD-07KX and Melodics, dull practice is replaced by interactive sessions that fast track your learning.

Tighten up your drumming with visible results

Having a seasoned drummer to guide you can make all the difference. Outside of the weekly drumming lesson and after you’ve burned through the online how to videos, where do you go next? Enter the TD-07’s Coach mode, a series of drum timing and accuracy challenges, with levels ranging from easy to hard and scoring that helps you improve and have fun at the same time. With the built-in metronome, you have a rock solid timing partner to help you tighten up and develop your inner rhythm clock, which is where you really start to hear the difference in your playing.

Record to a computer via USB

Going even further beyond the capabilities of a traditional drum kit, the TD-07KX is ready to be the cornerstone of your computer production space. The TD-07 module serves as a recording interface for your favourite music software, allowing you to send stereo sound and MIDI data to a Mac or Windows computer via a single USB cable. Track discrete audio and MIDI drum tracks in the DAW of your choice or trigger sounds in software based drum instruments for studio or live performance.This product features:

  • Kit Configuration - Kick: KD-10. Snare: PDX-12. Hi-hat: CY-5. Hi-hat control pedal: FD-9. Tom: PDX-8 x 3 *2. Crash: CY-8 x 2. Ride: CY-8. Drum stand: MDS-COMPACT
  • Effect Types - Pad Equalizer each pad. Overhead Mic Simulator. Room. Multi-Effects: 1 system, 30 types
  • Metronome - Tempo (20-260). Rhythm type (5 types). Sounds (15 types)
  • Connectors - Output/Phones jack: Stereo miniature phone type. MIX IN jack: Stereo miniature phone type. USB COMPUTER port: USB B type. TRIGGER INPUT connector: DB-25 type (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi-hat, Crash 1, Crash 2, Ride, Hi-hat control)
  • USB Computer - Speed: Hi-speed USB. Driver mode: Generic, Vender. Protocol: USB MIDI, USB Audio *3
  • USB Audio - Sampling Rate (original): 44.1 kHz. Sampling Rate (with sampling rate converter): 96 kHz, 48 kHz. Record: 2 channels. Playback: 2 channels
  • Display - 16 characters x 2 lines LCD (with backlight)
  • Power Supply - AC adaptor (DC 12 V)
  • Brand Roland
    Country of Origin Malaysia
    Product Dimensions Product: W 130 x H 120 x D 110 cm
    With Packaging:
    Box 1 (TD07KX): W 82 x D 63 x H 47 cm
    Box 2 (DAP3X): W 55.5 x D 20 x H 48 cm
    Product Weight Product: 23.3 kg
    With Packaging:
    Box 1 (TD07KX): 26 kg
    Box 2 (DAP3X): 8.4 kg


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